Danny Addison: Porcelain

Danny Addison: Porcelain

Danny Addison is a multi-instrumentalist hailing from a musical family in the small market town of Hitchin. His 2020 debut album, Colour Songs was described as a "lush, almost cinematic set that evokes the good old days of well-produced, melodic pop music". We were lucky enough to have a chat with him about his latest EP Porcelain.

Hey Danny, how are you doing today? 

I’m good! Just working on new music and looking forward to gigs coming back - life is good.

Firstly, congratulations on releasing your EP Porcelain we can't get enough of this! I noticed this was your first release of a full body of work, how did that feel? 

Incredible. It was definitely something that got me through lockdown and gave me a bit of focus. It feels so good to finally get it out there. 

Can you tell us a little about the process of this EP?

It was strange at times. It was written and recorded in bedrooms around the UK throughout lockdown. Produced, mixed and mastered remotely by my brother, Tom - although we did manage a socially-distanced mixing session through his window one time. It was a slow burner for sure given the circumstances but we got there in the end!

Being a multi-instrumentalist, which is your first weapon of choice? 

I’d say guitar right now. I love the rhythmic and percussive element of strumming and finger-style playing that the guitar allows. I’m also loving playing finger drums on a midi keyboard at the moment - haven’t quite got my gospel chops sorted but there’s still a few months of lockdown to go...

Danny Addison, photo.

How is the song writing process for you, is it lyrics and melodies first or chords? 

I think it usually starts with a harmonic idea on the guitar. I guess it starts with a feeling more than anything and then gradually I think of words to match that feeling. To be honest, I tend not to analyse it too much. 

You have been booked to perform at Towersey '21, Manchester Folk Festival '21 and FOCUS Wales '21!! That's huge news! What are you most excited for? 

I’m probably most excited to perform at the Manchester Folk festival as that’s where I’ve spent the most time over the past few years. It would be so amazing to see friendly faces after such a mental year. I’ve come up with so many amazing musicians in Manchester and to be able to perform at this festival is a bit of a dream.

What can we expect to get at your live show?

New music and a bigger, better show! I’m really excited to play live with my drummer Cameron Easton. He played drums on the EP and it brings so much more to the live performance. I’ve played a lot of shows with a string section so that drums addition would just elevate everything we do.

I must say your video clip to your focus track ‘Tribe’ was amazing, I have watched it quite a few times! What can you tell us about this video? 

Cheers! Well it was filmed in Hitchin, a little town north of London where I grew up. Myself and Brad Ingham the videographer spent a bit of time planning a route through a forest and just improvised a lot of stuff on the day. It was so fun to be able to combine the music with film and try and achieve the same mood. We just about managed to get all the shots in one day and luckily caught a great golden hour near the end. Was worried about rain putting out the fire but we definitely had luck on our side that day.

View the ‘Tribe’ official music video on Youtube


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