Slow fashion is the only way forward in a fast paced world

Slow fashion is the only way forward in a fast paced world

Slow Fashion is a term we are starting to hear about more frequently. But what does it actually mean?

Slow fashion is an approach to the traditional fashion industry, with awareness in focus. It involves the processes and resources required to make clothing focusing on sustainability, designed to last longer with a certified supply chain. In other words, better quality clothing where no harm has been done to either the people, animals or the planet when being produced.

Following the Slow Food Movement, the Slow Fashion concept was first used by pioneer Kate Fletcher, from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Reuniting ideas of slow movements with the global fashion industry, where pleasure and fashion links with awareness and responsibility. The movement of slow fashion works for a sustainable fashion industry that benefits all people together with our planet. While we are not yet in the perfect world where slow fashion can be called only fashion, there are things that we all can do make a difference.

Why is Slow Fashion important in the merchandise industry?

Music and fashion have always been closely related, sparking new trends and movements. Some band t-shirt are even classed as classics now! Lately there has really been a huge focus on artists staring their own merchandise ranges and getting creative with their apparel. When producing your own merchandise, you are in one way spreading the word of your own personal brand. What do you stand for? What are you values? This is where you have the option to make a statement, to stand out and be bold.

Sustainable and responsible merchandise is a way to connect to your fans and be sure that they will be dressed better than the rest. In 2020, the wear-and-tare culture feels outdated, so focusing on timeless models and good quality is a statement in itself.

When buying a t-shirt for a very low cost the money has to be cut from somewhere in the supply chain, the typical problem in fast fashion. It is now more important than ever to take a responsible approach to merchandise, both so you and your fans can be proud to wear the merch.

 Slow fashion is about consuming and creating fashion consciously and with integrity. It connects social and environmental awareness and responsibility with the pleasure of wearing beautiful, well-made, and lasting clothing. Make sure your next merchandise range is certified sustainable!