Screen printing

Screen printing is the most common technique when printing merchandise. It provides a consistent print with good washing properties. For screen printing, we mix colours according to the PMS standard to reproduce just the right colour for your print. We only use water based inks and always strive for a soft feel print with a light finish.

Digital printing

A DTG or Direct to garment print is just what it sounds like. A large printer that instead of printing on paper, prints on textiles. DTG is good if you want to print garments with many colours or even for printing photography style designs. DTG is also good for smaller quantities as there is no start up cost.


We love a nice embroidery. It’s ideal for caps and beanies, but also works for heavier textiles like our heavyweight t-shirts and hoodies.


Transfer are a great printing method when products for various reasons are not possible to print on directly. Transfers suits perfectly as neck prints, to add the final touch to your product range. The transfer is applied to the product with a heat press.

Popular products to print