Bror Gunnar Jansson

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Whether he’s all alone or together with a band, on a stage or on records Bror Gunnar Jansson unleashes his unique blend of southern gothic, blues, stoner, folk, psych and more! He’s been touring and releasing records for quite a few years now and you have been able to hear his music in movies and tv series such as “The last days of American crime”, “Happy” and “Damnation”. He has performed a number of times in both swedish and french national TV shows (such as “Album de la semaine” and “På Spåret”).

With the new album Faceless Evil, Nameless Fear he is spinning a tale of corrupt police officers, grim murders, weird deaths, diseases and even love! Jumping between our real world and his own dark universe. The music is less blues than his prior releases and more of post-grunge, stoner and post-blues in the style of White Stripes, Kyuss and Jimi Hendrix. 

In this postmodern age it is not easy to stand out, but fitting in has never been an option for Jansson. It's imminently clear when you browse through his albums. He floats between and around genres and styles like it's water, or rather air. It's clear that music is as important for him as the air we breathe.